The Susan Dee Story

susan_studio2.jpgIt is difficult to get up on stage and sing. It is even harder to get up and sing in front of an audience who, although appreciating your talent, keeps you from the probable popularity that could leave them in the shadows. It is most difficult to get up and sing your song and have it valued as much as a well prepared sermon.
Susan’s song has, since the age of seven, broken through all those barriers. Against all the odds through her music she’s touched the hearts and lives of many. Susan’s sung at weddings and funerals, birthday celebrations and anniversaries. Mostly she’s been singing in church because it is there, at the foot of the cross of her Master and Saviour, where she received her song.

Susan’s never insisted that her voice be heard; she’s never demanded a hearing. When opportunity came, small or even minute, Susan would step up and with warmth and conviction sing her song. Many times lives were changed.

Yet, there’s been a kind of divine restraint, if you will, bracing and preparing that song for an appropriate time; a time such as this - a time to be encouraged that there are no wasted years, only years of grace – God’s grace.

It’s been a 70-year journey for Susan - a journey that was recently celebrated with a milestone of faith when, on 30th June of 2007, she launched her CD at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. Susan has already, in recent years, taken some steps toward the launch. In 2003 she travelled to Sweden to not only visit family but also to record her CD. The CD is appropriately called, “This is My Story”.

That story started during the turbulence of the depression. When Susan stepped into the world, she added her voice to a home filled with song. For as long as she can remember, there’d always been singing at home. Friday nights in Bromwell Street in Woodstock, Cape Town, were spent accompanied by a guitar, singing praises to God for His goodness and grace.

Susan spent 8 years at school and the demands of life and the needs at home necessitated a premature termination of her school life – a common phenomena at the time.

When she started her own home with the late Anthony van Rensburg, the young married couple came face to face with corrupt political ideology that resulted in them being forcibly removed from the prime residential area on the beautiful slopes of Table Mountain. But Susan discovered that her song kept the family strong and that her children were blessed with the same gift.

In actual fact, her 2nd eldest son, renowned as a pianist at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town during the mid-nineties,  returned from Sweden to help launch Susan’s first gospel CD. Three additional musicians from Sweden accompanied him on June 30th.

The concert was exactly what the Cape Town winter needed - warmth and inspiration when Susan Dee stepped up on stage, loving and living her song.

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