October, 2009, WASHINGTON DC. 

She always sings … literally … she even sings her answers to you in general dialogue. She sings her observations, her joy and all the humour in her heart … it never stops … and it never should.

A visit to the White House

Susan Dee at the White House

After 3 weeks in Washington DC, visiting family, Susan was filled with new inspiration for the ancient themes of her songs - trusting God, for therein, she says, “lies your blessing”.

While connecting with family, seeing the beauty of autumn in Washington DC, purchasing gifts for family, enjoying fellowship at the local church and taking long walks in the morning, Susan feels that her reading time was the most precious. She acquired books by Joyce Meyer and the recently published work of Billy Graham’s daughter, Anne Graham Lotz, and believes that these meant the most for her.

“I’ve had time to think and be quiet before God and find new strength and inspiration for my songs,” said Susan, before returning home on the long flight from Dulles International to Cape Town.

Susan feels she is “ready for anything” and her schedule toward the end of the year, which includes her annual Christmas concert in December, will certainly demand of this inspiring 72-year old flower of Grace to be ready. Her ministry with the poor in Kuils River, just north of Cape Town, also places a big demand on her schedule. 

Susan was given an opportunity at the Greater Grace Christian Fellowship in Silver Spring, to tell her story. The church was not only inspired, but also found ways to assist her in this vital ministry to men and women.

Susan arrives in DC


Video of Susan Dee at Church in DC

Susan Comments on her stay in DC

What the DC Church saw


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