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An overwhelmingly warm surprise of support met Susan Dee and the Telstar Gospel Band on Sunday’s Christmas concert in Cape Town.

The Strand Town Hall was filled with singing of Gospel and Christmas carols. A young talent from Eerste River played her violin with sincere warmth and skill. The spiritual dancing amazed the crowd and drew overwhelming appreciation. The Gospel singers, lead supremely by Merica and Frankie, renowed gospel singers from Cape Town,  sang with such meaning and enthusiasm.

Susan Dee, backed by her daughters, Faith and Lynn, stepped onto the stage and graced the night with their warm interpretations of favourite Gospel songs and Christmas carols. They involved the whole crowd in joing them in the grand finale of ”Oh come all ye faithful” and “We wish you a merry Christmas.”

For the children who attended, Susan Dee, had a surprise, giving gifts to show her appreciation for their involvement and support. Gaffleys Coach Tours, one of South Africa’s leading transportation services, generously helped to get many of these children to the concert as they provided the transport.

“It was a night of amazing talent and variety”, said photographer, Carlo Delport. He filmed the event as part of the planned release of the Susan Dee DVD in April 2008.

“I think people really supported us well this time and they want us to do something in Grabouw, just across the mountain, next time,” said Faith Henecke.

Pictures by: Carlo Delport, Van Kalker Photography


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